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Global Web Guru will help you to do content writing for your own product, business and strategies. We produce and strategically promote content that draws and retains attention, with the final word objective of exploit traffic and links to your website.

Content marketing is a helpful style of with success selling a brand or company online and is far from SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If the process of Content marketing is successfully done, websites ranking on Google Page Rank are going to be optimized. Content marketing consists content building and renewing which is strategically provides your content the proper connection with your product and business and also involves structure of the web pages and content assets (the silos) to make sure that the links to each "silo" supports following silo to optimize Google Page Ranking and even making sense to the user. Our philosophy is easy, content alone can never be optimized while not correct context and strategic designing.

Effective websites require unique content to best represent their products or services. If you want your website to achieve your goals then it should contain search engine optimized, descriptive, original and graspable content. At Global Web Guru as a digital marketing company, we are able to inform you with confidence that we provide our clients content writing service that meets high standards.

Our Content Creation Process:

Global Web Guru applies SEO focused thinking throughout all the steps of content creation.

  1. First, we tend to establish and understand the requirements and behavior of your target audience through keyword analysis. How do people usually search for the type of content you provide, and in what volume? By conducting keyword research early within the method, we tend to are ready to determine what your users have an interest in and direct all efforts on words and phrases that really usher in relevant leads.
  2. The next step is making content that is written for people however optimized for search engines. Our writers with expertise mix optimum keyword densities with artistic accomplishment, thereby manufacturing content that pulls each search and humans.
  3. Next, we optimize on-page elements before publishing. Our SEO specialists take the baton and guarantee consistency between the content, the keywords, and also the technical elements of every page.
  4. And then we publish and promote with the goal of linking and social engagement. Your content appears on websites that are relevant both the content and the keywords they are optimized for. We additionally reinforce your social marketing, connecting it to current trending topics whenever potential.
  5. Finally, we measure the performance of your content marketing campaign by tracking it against actual business outcomes. Are the pages ranking as expected? Is the conversion rate within target?